Sansou Murata Ryokan Concept

Located in the hot springs area of Yufuin, Oita Prefecture in Kyushu Island , this particular place rank 3rd in Japan for the amount of hot water. Close by is Japan's No.1 hot spring city of Beppu which has the most vents to source these hot springs.
Built in 1992 on a 4.05-acre at foot of Mt.Yufu, Sansou Murata is a scenic tranquil place away from the busy town life of Yufuin.
The main Ryokan building and some twelve-guest houses were brought in here intact as they were in the Northeastern region of Niigata Prefecture where they had been used for over a hundred years and you can still experience the history of these old and traditional Japanese houses.

CONCEPT Unlike many other ryokans with low ceilings, here the ceilings are high and are supported by thick and strong beams that make this Ryokan a precious place to be.
The specialty of this Ryokan is in the perfect marriage of the old and modern architecture recreating something new. Sansou Murata is really unique and unmatched by any other in Japan.
Guests can readily enjoy a hot spring bath at any time of the day in their rooms. Each room is thoughtfully well planned and laid out so that each guest can relax either in the living room space or in the bedroom.
In addition, not all of our Ryokan staff are fluent in English, they all have a strong feeling of "Omotenashi".Omotenashi means the unique and original traditional Japanese culture of service spirit in hospitality, which involves deeply thinking about the guest and the guest comfort. It is our natural way to make you happy. The hearty connection of our guests and staff is the real Omotenashi spirit, and makes every experience at our Ryokan very satisfying for both local and foreign guests.
There is an uncountable number of hot springs in Japan , but Sansou Murata is like no other. You are very welcome to being our honorable guest and we promise that you will discover the undiscovered Japan.
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